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Battle Village is a top down shooter where the player has to control a tank to attack the enemies and defend the base from destruction.

I found this game, Battle Village, in Steam and requested a free steam key from the game's developer.

Will the game's developer give me a free steam key of Battle Village?

I don't know but the reason why I requested a free steam key is because this game, Battle Village, reminded me of an old NES / Famicom game called Battle City.

I had a Famicom back in the 80s and Battle City was one of the games I played many times back then.

By the way, I have never played Battle Village but, based on what I have seen from a gameplay video of the game, I can safely say Battle Village is Battle City reborn.

Battle Village is Battle City with better looking tanks, higher resolution graphics, better explosions and more colors and textures.

Remember, my descriptions of Battle Village were all based from what I've seen in Battle Village's gameplay video in STEAM.

Anyway, I'm hoping the developer of Battle Village will grant my request and give me a free steam key of the game.

If not then I'll just sell a few inventory items in my Steam account in the Steam Marketplace to get some money.

Right now, Battle Village has a price of around $2 US Dollars in STEAM.

So guys, what are your thoughts about this game called Battle Village? Did it remind you of the game Battle City? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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