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SKYRIM Gameplay 2020 (Modded)! KILL the Bandit Leader Located at Halted Stream Camp!

SKYRIM Gameplay 2020 (Modded)! KILL the Bandit Leader Located at Halted Stream Camp!

This is another Miscellaneous Quest and this time the quest is to Kill the Bandit Leader located at Halted Stream Camp. Halted Stream Camp was very close to Silent Moons Camp on the World Map. With fast travel, it only took me and my party a few seconds to get to Halted Stream Camp.

Halted Stream Camp was heavily defended by variety of bandits. There were Bandit Novice Fire Mages, Bandit Warrior Outlaws, Bandit Ghost Knights, Bandit Thug Warriors, Bandit Lightbringers, Bandit Disgraced and many more.

I simply kept swinging my greatsword from side-to-side to fight off all the incoming bandits. It was no brain tactic but it was working, thanks to my follower's healing and magic power.

Inside the cave of Halted Stream Camp, the target of the quest, the Bandit Chief, was waiting and was guarded by a few bandits. They were all defeated in the end by my party's offensive power.

Before leaving Halted Stream Camp, I looked around the place and took items from the defeated bandits before returning to Whiterun to report the completion of the quest. I only took items that had some kind of value.

Back in Whiterun, I reported back to Proventus Avenicci and was rewarded with 100 septims or gold. The reward for the subjugation of a bandit leader or bandit chief was VERY low. It will take me a million years to acquire riches in Skyrim. LOL!

Playing the game on an AMD Phenom II X6 1055T processor, an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 video card and 16 GB of RAM.

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