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SKYRIM Gameplay 2020 (Modded)! THE GOLDEN CLAW! Retrieved!

SKYRIM Gameplay 2020 (Modded)! THE GOLDEN CLAW! Retrieved!

The quest is The Golden Claw and the first objective is to Retrieve The Golden Claw. The quest was given by Lucan Valerius, a shopkeeper in Riverwood, and the quest location was Bleak Falls Barrow.

I started the quest in Riverwood and I was accompanied by two followers and they were Millepon the Healer Follower and Weyna from Immersive Wenches. We traveled by horse from Riverwood to Bleak Falls Barrow.

Bleak Falls Barrow was home to a large group of bandits. We fought all of them until none of them were standing. It took us a few minutes to put down all the bandits who welcomed us. I also looted items that had value from the fallen bandits before entering Bleak Falls Temple.

Inside Bleak Falls Temple, we immediately encountered a couple of bandits but they were also immediately disposed of. There were still bandits further inside the dungeon but they were quickly disposed of as well.

Further down the dungeon, we encountered, fought and defeated a huge spider. We also encountered and saved Arvel but, after cutting him down from the spider webs, I quickly finished him off with my greatsword.

Arvel was the thief who stole the Golden Claw but we did not stop our exploration of the dungeon after getting the Golden Claw. We continued to move forward through the dungeon and encountered, fought and defeated a number of draugrs.

The path through the dungeon led us to Bleak Falls Sanctum where we fought even more draugrs. The path through BleakFalls Sanctum led us to a stone door and I opened this door using the Golden Claw and the symbols on it.

The door opened to a large chamber guarded by more draugrs. At the end of the chamber was a wall with weird looking words written on it. I got close to the wall and a mysterious power thought me a word of power called Force, Unrelenting Force.

Behind me a Draugr Overlord rose from his tomb but he was only standing for a few seconds. I took everything I can take and left the dungeon through a secret backdoor.

Once outside, I used fast travel to take my entire party back to Riverwood and reported the completion of the quest to Lucian Valerius. He got his Golden Claw back and I got a small reward of 400 gold for the trouble.

Playing the game on an AMD Phenom II X6 1055T processor, an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 video card and 16 GB of RAM.

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