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To Those Flagging My DCWF Second Life Wrestling Videos

To Those Flagging My DCWF Second Life Wrestling Videos

To those flagging my DCWF Second Life Wrestling videos, please STOP. I'm NOT doing it to you so please stop doing it to me. There are more better things to do than using YouTube to harass people into submission.

Just to let everyone know, according to DCWF owner Numbers Rossini and I quote, "no one has exclusive rights to film DCWF" and "you are more than welcome to film or stream DCWF anytime."

I don't know why I'm being targeted and harassed by these people in YouTube. Yes, I would call false flagging a form of harrassment. What I do know is, I'm not doing anything wrong.

Please, stop abusing YouTube's flagging system by using it as a harrassment tool. Just concentrate or focus on growing your own YouTube channel and stop harassing people.

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