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ROGUE QUICK RECAP! RWA WIRED (7/18/2020) BRAINS! BRAINS! Second Life Wrestling

ROGUE QUICK RECAP! RWA WIRED (7/18/2020) BRAINS! BRAINS! Second Life Wrestling

Today, I woke up at around 4:05 PM SLT and, that means, I was late again for this week's RWA WIRED but I still logged in and covered the show.

This week's episode of RWA Wired had 3 matches and an interview segment called The Truth by Dylan Mattel. Sadly, I had no idea what they talked about because I had my VOICE chat disabled. That's why it's best to watch the show LIVE in Second Life.

For the first match was between Vance Crow and Shiryo (I think). I only caught the ending because I was late but I did see brains floating in the air. It happened because the avatars were still loading and that's just how Second Life loads avatar bodies.

The second match was between Ellie Embers and The Gamer Girl Sybille Halsey. It was a fairly even match and, I even thought, Ellie Embers had a good chance of winning but that chance disappeared when her moonsault was countered and she got powerbombed by The Gamer Girl instead.

The third match was between The White Rose Avarice Askham and Kailen Rayne. I believe this was a bad match for The White Rose even before it started because Kailen Rayne had both Jordan Hilfiger-Jules and Pasta Lopez with him. The match ending was a bit weird because Kailen had The White Rose in a roll-up but the referee counted 2 and the hold was broken. While this happened, the referee counted again but this time she counted 3 and Kailen was declared the winner.

So guys, that was just a quick recap of a few things that happened in this week's RWA WIRED. If you are interested in watching the full show then simply visit the RogueHouse every Saturday at 4PM SLT in Second Life.

Anyway guys, if you have any comments, questions or reactions the please post them in the comments section below.

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