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#NowPlaying MERIDIAN 59 and, in this #Meridian59 #Gameplay, I continued with my adventure but, in doing so, I lost everything and got teleported to a place I don't know.

1:10 - Fit To Window

The game window was displayed right at the center of the video. With a little bit of editing a few settings in OBS, the game window of Meridian 59 now fits the entire window.

5:55 - Restarted Meridian 59

I changed some configurations and had to restart the game for the changes to take effect. It took a while before the game appeared back in OBS. I thought something went wrong.

6:50 - Entered Combat 

A minute later, I was out in the wild fighting baby spiders. They were called baby spiders but they were, not big but huge. Just imagine the size of an adult spider.

16:10 - Restarted Meridian 59 Again

I made changes to the configuration again and restarted the game again to make the changes that I did take effect.

17:20 - Blacksmith

I spoke with the blacksmith and sold some items. I did not buy anything from him though. Maybe next time when I actually need something.

20:20 - Flask Did Nothing

So, I entered this building and there was a woman selling potions. I bought a flask from her used it but it did nothing.

23:35 - Don't RIP Me OFF

I met the old man again and he was saying, "Don't RIP me OFF!" I have no idea what the old man was saying. If he is trying to communicate then it was a failure.

25:00 - Fighting RATS and SPIDERS

Back out in the wild, I fought giant rats and baby spiders again but this time my control was a lot better. I had mouse look working so it was like a true first person experience.

32:30 - DIED and Lost Everything

There was this guy in the water. I went in the water and attacked the guy or rebel soldier. Unfortunately, I died and I lost everything. When I got back in the world from the underworld, I was in an unfamiliar town. All I had left was a mace.

35:15 - Unfamiliar Town

Without any items on me, I went out of the building where I re-spawned and explored the unfamiliar town a bit. I found myself outside the walls and saw a guy called urchin. Walking aimlessly, I accidentally entered the VAULT where players can store their items for safekeeping.

41:20 - Outside Of Town

Eventually, I was able to get out of town where I found rebel soldiers, baby spiders and a centipede like creature. I did not try fighting the centipede like creature because it looked strong.

48:40 - Another Unfamiliar Place

I followed the path and, while on the path, I fought and killed giant rats. The path led me to another unfamiliar place. I entered the unfamiliar place but left immediately because I wanted to continue fighting to recover what I lost.

55:50 - A Rocky Area

Back where I was killing giant rats and baby spiders, I decided to check out this branching path and it led me to a rocky looking place. The path just kept me coming back to where I started. 

59:55 - Big Bugs Unlocked

My exploration continued until I came upon a big looking mantis like creature. I ran away from it only to find myself in-front of another big bug. I kept running until I encounter a troll and a big monster that moves underground.

1:01:50 - Again, Another Unfamiliar Town

By running aimlessly, I was able to escape the big bugs and death but I was again in another unfamiliar town. I looked around a little bit, met another player named HyperHypo and ended my hour of playing Meridian 59.

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