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LEGENDS OF ULTIMA Gameplay (Hour 11) • I GOT WOOD!

LEGENDS OF ULTIMA Gameplay (Hour 11) • I GOT WOOD!

#NowPlaying Legends of Ultima and, in this #LegendsofUltima #Gameplay, I got wood and I got lots of them from chopping down trees for an hour.

2:00 - Picked Up My Horse

I went to the stable to pick up my horse. Picking up my horse cost me 270 gp. Should I really stable my horse whenever I exit the game or should I just leave him somewhere inside a safe zone like a town?

3:00 - Lumberjacking In The Dark

After getting my horse, I immediately went back to chopping down trees and I was doing it in the dark. Unlike in Legends of Aria, the torch is not active when you're holding another tool or equipment.

5:25 - Skill Book

There is a skill level cap of 700 and I've used 248.5 skill points which means I can max level a total of 7 skills like lumberjacking, swordsmanship and others.

8:30 - Moving Items

My inventory was reaching it's weight limit. To reduce the weight, I opened my leather saddlebag on my horse and moved some items from my inventory.

11:00 - 100,000 gp Black Widow Broodmother

I checked out a pet vendor and it was selling a black widow broodmother for 100,000 gp. OMG! It was more expensive than a greater dragon and a white wyvern. WOW!

11:40 - Mongbat and Boggling

I had to stop chopping down a tree to fight a lesser mongbat and then after that I had to fight a weak boggling. The mobs in Legends of Ultima are different from Legends of Aria.

32:10 - Sold Wood

I went back to town and sold all the wood I chopped down or gathered to Lang The Woodworker. I made 1,260 gp from the first batch of wood sold and 1,250 gp from the second batch of wood sold.

33:30 - Bank Items Management

At the bank, I did some item management by moving items from my inventory into my bank storage. Doing this freed some space in my bag.

Anyway, I spent the rest of the hour doing the same thing and that was chopping down trees for wood and selling wood to Lang The Woodworker for gp.

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