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LEGENDS OF ARIA Gameplay (Hour 14) 🎮 Pack Horse II, New Hatchets and TREES!

LEGENDS OF ARIA Gameplay (Hour 14) 🎮 Pack Horse II, New Hatchets and TREES!

#NowPlaying Legends of Aria and, in this #LegendsofAria #Gameplay, I got a new pack horse and spent a lot of time chopping down trees in the city of Valus.

0:45 - Bought From The Grand Bazaar

At the start of the hour, I used the Grand Bazaar in the City of Valus to buy another saddlebag. The saddlebag cost 600 gold and the vendor selling it was 311 meters away from the city of Valus. I traveled 311 meters on my horse to pick up the saddlebag.

9:20 - Bought Another Horse

After getting the saddlebag from the selling vendor, I traveled back and stopped by the stable to buy a new horse. The new horse cost 500 gold and I used the saddlebag on this new horse to turn it into a pack horse. I gave the new pack horse an appropriate name, PACK HORSE II.

10:45 - Started To Chop Down Trees For Wood

With a new pack horse to help me carry things around, I immediately started chopping down trees to gather wood. The wood is for the crafting order of 52 wooden crates.

14:15 - Bought Two New Hatchets

I went back to the city of Valus and bought two new hatchets from an NPC Merchant. The store where I bought the two new hatchets was the General Store and it was located east of the city of Valus. The two new hatchet cost 25 gold each.

14: 45 - Chopped Down Trees Inside The City

From the General Store and right after buying the two new hatchets, I started to chop down trees inside the city of Valus itself. Chopping down trees inside the city of Valus is allowed by the game.

29:10 - Recovering Vitality

I was able to recover my vitality when I chopped down a tree close to the inn. I'm not sure how important vitality is in gathering and crafting but I always try to recover my vitality whenever I notice it declining.

32:30 - Player Appeared Out Of NOWHERE

While chopping down a tree near one of the entrances / exits of town, a player suddenly appeared out of nowhere. I did not see any portal at the location where he appeared at.

37:30 - No More TREES

I chopped down a lot of trees inside the city of Valus. It will take the trees a few minutes to re-spawn and, so, I continued my work chopping down trees outside the city.

52:45 - Crafted Wooden Boards

When I got enough wood, I traveled back to the city of Valus on one of my pack horse. In the city, I went to the carpentry crafting table and started crafting wooden boards and that was where the hour ended.

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