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#NowPlaying The Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall Unity and, in this #DaggerfallUnity #Gameplay, I created my first character and tried to go through the starting dungeon but failed numerous times. 

1:25 - Start New Game

To start a new game, I selected the province of Skyrim and created a Male Nord Warrior character named Kabalyero. I also watched the two Full Motion Video introductions but I don't remember anything from what was said in them. LOL!

8:45 - Starting Dungeon

I found myself in a dark cave / dungeon called Privateer's Hold and said yes to Daggerfall's Tutorial to learn the basics of the game like movement, combat and others. 

11:15 - Equipping Armor and Weapon

I opened my inventory by pressing the F6 key and equipped or wore a few equipment like the iron gauntlet, iron cuirass and the iron broadsword. These items or equipment or weapon and armor were automatically added to my inventory by the game.

11:50 - Swinging a Sword

In Daggerfall Unity, swinging or attacking with the sword is done by holding the right-mouse button and sliding the mouse around. I letter changed this to mouse button clicking which was a lot easier to do than simulating sword swinging.

14:40 - Fought a RAT

In the next room, I fought a pixelated rat and won. It took me many swings to kill the rat. As a warrior, swinging my sword and hitting is the only way to fight against enemies.

17:05 - DIED for the First Time

In one of the early rooms, I found a flying enemy and died from its attack. It was my first time dying in Daggerfall Unity and, because, I did not save, I had to start from the beginning and create a new character.

The rest of the hour was basically the same thing, except maybe for creating a character every time I died and I died many, many times. The game was very unforgiving but it was fun to play.

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