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ROGUE REVIEW! RWA WIRED (5/2/2020) STOP RINGING THE BELL! Second Life Wrestling!

ROGUE REVIEW! RWA WIRED (5/2/2020) STOP RINGING THE BELL! Second Life Wrestling!
ROGUE REVIEW! RWA WIRED (5/2/2020) STOP RINGING THE BELL! Second Life Wrestling!

Last week, Rogue Wrestling Alliance or RWA had HYSTERIA but, I'm not going to talk about that, instead, I'm going to talk about this week's episode of RWA WIRED from the Rogue House in Second Life.

Commentators for this week's episode of RWA Wired were Late Night and Krystalia Amante Arcane. Officiating the matches was the very beautiful and lively The Golden Girl.

The show opened with a promo from Jordan Hilfiger and he was accompanied by Stone. I didn't fully get or heard or understood what he was saying because his volume was very low and the crowd were making a lot of noise. Still, he was interrupted by Kailen Rayne. So, what did Kailen Rayne said or did? I had no idea but that's where the segment ended.

First match of the night was a Triple Threat Match between The White Rose, Sandman and TJ Aquillius who was accompanied by Zachery Aquillius. This triple threat match was a very long match that ended in a weird way. You see at the end of the match, The White Rose hit TJ Aquillius with his finishing move but instead of pinning TJ, The White Rose pinned SANDMAN.

After the first match, the reigning Women's Young Gun Champion, Allira Kytori came out and put out a challenge to any women's wrestler in the back but no one accepted the challenge. Instead, another weird thing happened.

You see, Allira's hostile interaction with the crowd started a match between her and an audience member. Because, I de-rendered almost everyone in the crowd to reduce lag, the match turned into Allira Kytori wrestling an invisible woman which ended with Allira Kytori losing via count out for leaving the match.

Next there was another promo, this time it was a promo by a new name and a new face in RWA. Her name was Iris Lefleur and she did her promo via local chat although Krystalia was reading aloud what Iris was saying. Iris was then interrupted and slapped around by Amelia Ashbury which was obviously a start of a new feud.

The main event of the evening immediately followed the promo and it was a match between the reigning RWA Heavyweight Champion The Drifter Malaki and Dylan what's his lastname. Dylan was a very athletic wrestler but, unfortunately, he failed to beat the champion because of a disqualification.

Jordan Hilfiger came out from the back and interfered with the match. He suddenly went inside the ring and gave The Drifter Malaki his love and affection. The referee, The Golden Girl, did not like any of it and ended the match with a disqualification which gave the win to the champion, The Drifter Malaki.

Before leaving the ring, Jordan Hilfiger performed a dance over Malaki and, my guess is, they'll have a dance battle in next week's episode of RWA WIRED but don't quote me on that.

Overall, this week's episode of RWA Wired was a solid episode. As always, I wish I was not lagging but the lag was better this week than last week. The only thing I really did not enjoy in the entire show was the constant ringing of the bell. It was so freaking distracting and to whoever was doing that, please let me know who you are so I could MUTE and BLOCK you next time.

Anyway, that's it for this Rogue Review of this week's episode of RWA Wired. Remember, to watch the shows LIVE in Second Life for a much better second life wrestling experience. Follow RWA in Twitter ( and if you have any comments, questions or reactions then please post them in the comments section below.

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