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DARTH VADER Arrives in Shroud of the Avatar Release 77

DARTH VADER Arrives in Shroud of the Avatar Release 77

May 4th is Star Wars Day to millions of Star Wars Fans around the world and, it looks like, Star Wars also has a big influence in Shroud of the Avatar Forsaken Virtues. You see, in Shroud of the Avatar Release 77, Light Sabers, Darth Vader and even Luke's Jedi Training Helmet and Jedi Training Orb made a triumphant appearance.

Let's make it a little bit clearer, Darth Vader did not actually get in the game. What got in the game was an outfit that looks surprisingly very similar to Darth Vader's iconic costume and it's called the Dark Shogun Outfit.

Dark Shogun vs Darth Vader

As you can see from the picture, the Dark Shogun outfit and Darth Vader's costume looks very, very similar, the former even has those multicolored buttons on the abdomen, but they're not exactly the same. I guess you can say, the former is a parody of the latter which is the original. Some people are calling Intellectual Property Infringement or Theft but that's for the law or the courts to decide.

Next we have Shroud of the Avatar's version of the the Light Saber called the Electric Katana which is NOT the first Light Saber look-a-like in the game. Previously, Shroud of the Avatar released the Electric Sword, Electric Staff and Electric Halberd.

Electric Katana vs Light Saber

Again, the similarities are there but they're not exactly the same. They do have the same colored glow but that's it for the similarities and, as far as I know, you can't turn off any of the Electric Weapons in Shroud of the Avatar. They don't have a trigger or button to turn the glowing blade on or off but if they do then please let me know.

Finally, the last Star Wars based items that appeared in Shroud of the Avatar Release 77 are the Electric Sword Training Orb Pet and Electric Sword Training Helmet. These items are very similar to the Training Helmet and Training Orb used by Luke Skywalker in Star Wars Episode 4 A New Hope.

Training Helmet and Orb vs Training Helmet and Orb

These last two items are a little bit on the nose but they're still not exactly the same specially the Training Helmet. I guess you can say the former is a really bad version of the latter and was rejected by George Lucas decades ago.

Anyway, these Star Wars look-a-likes are in the game already. Those interested will find the Darth Vader costume knock-off and the Electric Katanas for sale in the Crown Store. The Darth Vader knock-off costume will cost you around $20 USD and the Electric Katanas are around $7 USD. Of course, you can't buy them with actual money, you'll have to buy Crowns with Real Money and use the Crowns to buy them from the Crown Store.

The Training Helmet and Orb, if I'm not mistaken, is part of the Monthly Premium Subscription Rewards. If you are interested in getting them then you'll need to become a Shroud of the Avatar Premium Subscriber or VIP for $9 USD a month.

So guys, what are your thoughts about Star Wars in Shroud of the Avatar? Do they match the look of the game or do they look out of place? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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