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In this 1 hour gameplay of RISE OF AGON, I started the hour by hunting goblins and the weapon I used to hunt goblins was a two-handed sword, a greatsword. It took me 4 minutes to find a goblin village.

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The goblins I hunted in the goblin village were goblin fighters and goblin scouts but I was not alone in the goblin village. There was another player hunting goblins in the goblin village. I tried hunting goblins in the same goblin village but it was not working. There were not enough goblins for two players.

I decided to move away from the goblin village because of the other player and decided to do the basics of harvesting and gather 10 iron ores. I found an iron vein and started mining it but I only got a few iron ores from it.

While I was mining another iron vein, the system displayed the following message:

• You have been rewarded 1 Fishing Pole
• You have been rewarded 1 Nectar of the Gods
• You have been rewarded 1000 Meditation

At that time, I had no idea what it meant or where the rewards came from.

I looked for a body of water and started to do some fishing. Fishing was easy, I just equipped my fishing pole, clicked on the water in-front of me and I was fishing. Fishing was part of the basic of harvesting quest.

When I completed the fishing quest, I received a few rewards from the game like 1000 Meditation, 2 Meat Pie and 1 Nectar of the Gods. It seems the previous rewards were from completing a quest and that was the mining quests.

Using the map, I found another goblin village and I went there to hunt down more goblins. The goblin village had goblin fighters and goblin scouts. As I continued to hunt down goblins, my mastery of Power Attack Greatsword skill reached a new level.

So, I spent the rest of the game hunting down goblins in this goblin village. I got a lot of items and I have no idea what to do with them. Next time, I'll look for an NPC that buys items from players. I don't know where to find one but I'm sure they're out there. LOL!

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