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PILOTS OF DARSALON, A 2D Retro Space Delivery Game!

PILOTS OF DARSALON, A 2D Retro Space Delivery Game!

Back in the early days of gaming, I played space shooting games like Gradius and, it's look-a-like, Salamander. If my memory is correct, I think I finished both of them and I think I liked Salamander more but that was many years ago.

Today, there is a new 2d retro space shooting game called Pilots of Darsalon. The game combines physics and shooting to locate and transport containers to your base.

So, basically your 2d retro spaceship flies around this retro-style world shooting and avoiding enemies while finding, picking up and delivering containers to your base.

I'm sure you have noticed, I just re-phrased what I said earlier when I introduced the game.

Also, if you are wondering, the containers are filled with tidirium, the most expensive and explosive substance in the known universe.

Features of Pilots of Darsalon!

The game, Pilots of Darsalon has the following features:

– Physics based ship control
– Online world leader board
– CRT filter for authentic retro look
– C64 color palette
– Unique pixel-art render pipeline that consistently combines: Dynamic lightning, 2D sprites, 3D models
– In-Game gif maker
– 15 stages of increasing difficulty
– 3 difficulty modes to fit any kind of gamer skills
– 8 bit music based on C64’s SID chip
– 8 bit sound FX’s
- and more...

Pilots of Darsalon is getting released in STEAM on May 28, 2020.

Anyway, the game, Pilots of Darsalon is getting released in STEAM on May 28, 2020. Unfortunately, I don't know if the game is a Free game or a Paid game because the developer Dr. Kucho! Games didn't say anything about that in their e-mail nor in their website.

So guys, are any of you interested in playing a 2d retro space shooting game with physics like Pilots of Darsalon? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

Check out Pilots of Darsalon in STEAM

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