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LEGENDS OF ARIA Gameplay (Hour 15) Did NoPing Tunnel Lowered My PING?

LEGENDS OF ARIA Gameplay (Hour 15) Did NoPing Tunnel Lowered My PING?

In this #LegendsofAria gameplay, I played and ran the game through #NoPing to see if NoPing can improve, lower or reduce my ping in Legends of Aria.

At 2:10 I displayed the NoPing window on the video. It showed the game I was playing and that was Legends of Aria. It also showed my ping in the game when connected through NoPing's network.

At around 5:10 I went to the #CarpentryTable and used all the wood I was carrying to craft Wooden Boards also known as Wood Boards. The item has two names because the developers of Legends of Aria can't decide what to call it so they used both names.

At around 10:20 I displayed the NoPing Tunnel window on the video and, now, it was saying my ping in the game was 168 ms. It went down from 173 ms from a few minutes ago.

At 13:40 I went to the banker and opened my bank. I spent a few minutes doing some item management which was very tedious because everything was done through bags and manually moving items from bag to bag.

At around 18:30 I was back outside of the City of Valus #ChoppingDownTrees to harvest or gather wood. I spent most of the game doing this. Chopping down trees. There was also a dog barking in the background. LOL!

At 22:15 I logged out and went back to the server selection screen of Legends of Aria. I did this to see or check what my PING was to the server. Based on what was shown, my PING to Legends of Aria's US server was 262 ms.

At 25:00 I found out I was out of arrows and, since I was an archer or a bow user, having no arrows was not a good thing. So, I went back to the City of Valus and started crafting arrows from wooden boards or wood boards.

At 27:25 I was kicked out of the game because the US server of Legends of Aria went down for a quick re-start. Instead of waiting on the server selection screen, I decided to spend my time waiting in Legends of Ultima.

At 30:00 I just entered the server of Legends of Ultima and, even before I can really do anything, a big freaking dragon appeared. It was the biggest creature I've seen in Legends of Ultima but, then again, I have not seen a lot of creatures in the game.

At 30:55 I claimed or took my pack horse from the stable. I had to pay 270 gold to claim or take my pack horse back. It was a scam perpetrated by the local stable owner in Legends of Ultima.

At around 32:30 I was back to chopping down trees in Legends of Ultima to raise my Lumberjack skills and to make or earn some gold but I only did it for a few minutes.

At 33:50 I displayed the NoPing Tunnel window and the ping it was showing was 161 ms which was lower than the 168 ms it showed before when I was playing in the official US server of Legends of Aria.

At 35:30 I logged out of Legends of Ultima and logged back in to Legends of Aria's official US server to continue what I was doing when the game server went down to restart and that was crafting arrows for my bow.

At around 38:35 I was at the banker once again to open my bank storage and did a little more housekeeping of items. I moved items from my backpack to my bank storage to free up as much space that I can to give me more space in my backpack.

At 40:55 I was back to chopping down trees again. This time I started chopping down trees inside the City of Valus because it was possible or allowed by the game. From there until the hour ended, I was just chopping down trees and talking about random things. LOL!

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