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Tales of Wind Gameplay on PC! Saved Mornwind from the Calamity!

Tales of Wind Gameplay on PC! Saved Mornwind from the Calamity!

In this Tales of Wind gameplay on PC, my character accepted the Mayday Mornwind quest and the first part was to find Beck as quickly as possible. The last quest before this one was to find Beck but I guess my character didn't find this Beck character.

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After auto-traveling across the map, my character found Beck deep within the forest. He was just standing there doing nothing just like your typical NPC. LOL!

My character, after meeting with Beck, entered a Portal and it teleported my character to a place that looked like a farm. There was this character named Possessed Willy and he was controlling an army of Shadow Demon Clones.

Beating all the Shadow Demon Clones, an Undead Overlord appear while the Possessed Willy disappeared. My character transformed into a Choco and defeated the Undead Overlord by rolling over it.

After beating the Undead Overlord, a blue crystal egg like thing floated in the air and made the purple fog called Calamity vanish into nothingness.

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