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Tales of Wind Gameplay on PC! Audrey's Necklace Quest!

Tales of Wind Gameplay on PC! Audrey's Necklace Quest!
Tales of Wind Gameplay on PC! Audrey's Necklace Quest!

In this Tales of Wind gameplay on PC, the quest my character completed was the quest to find Audrey's necklace called Audrey's Necklace quest. So, who was Audrey? I have no idea but she lost her necklace and she needed someone to help her find it.

Before my character started with the quest, I opened his Inventory, went into his Card Pack and embedded the Shadow Demon Card to his gloves. The Shadow Demon Card has a Rating of 454, Attack number of 15 and an effect called Dark Skies.

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The first part of the Audrey's Necklace quest was to find the baby of the Chuko hiding in the nest and the nest was located south of Yggdrasil. After finding the nest, the next objective was to teach Choco a lesson and that means killing at least 8 Chocos.

I don't know what happened to the Chuko and what's its relation to the Chocos.

My character then had to run after Audrey who happened to meet the Choco Chief who said the necklace was going to the Mountain God and then my character was off to find Chobi's Den. What is a Chobi and what is its relation to Chuko and Choco?

In the Chobi's Den, my character battled Chocos that were standing in his way while Audrey was shouting or saying something about her stolen necklace. She was annoying.

While fighting Chocos, my character obtained a Fat Choco Card. So, I opened his Card Pack and equipped the Fat Choco Card on his weapon card slot. The Fat Choco card had a 758 rating, Attack number of 27 and the following effects, Fat Choco obtained, HP +604 and AGI +15.

After beating enough Chocos, it was time to fight Chobi who was a very big Choco. My character, using the Fat Choco skill, easily defeated Chobi and obtained Audrey's Gem. What? Audrey's Gem? I thought we were looking for Audrey's Necklace?

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