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Fortnite Players are Suffering from LAG in 2020!

Fortnite Players are Suffering from LAG in 2020!
Fortnite Players are Suffering from LAG in 2020!

Fortnite Battleroyale is an online third-person shooter and, guess what, online third-person shooting games and lag don't mix but, then again, online games and lag don't mix at all because if you are lagging badly then you are nothing but FREE KILL!

Back to Fortnite and lag, it seems that players are experiencing a lot of lag in the game. According to one tweet, "Fortnite is so boring there is nothing new and the server lag is terrible".

Another tweet said, "Just slightly going down hill with the lag in games, fortnite not caring" and in another tweet this was said, "I honest[l]y want to cry every time I lag on fortnite".

Here is another tweet and it said, "I just finished dieing to lag....its times like this where im losing intrest in gaming". Getting killed is one thing but getting killed because of lag is another because it's super frustrating.

If you are playing Fortnite and you are also an active Twitter user then I'm sure you've seen, at least, one tweet complaining about lag in Fortnite. In my case, I just didn't see one, I've seen a lot of complaints about lag in Fortnite.

Anyway, if you are getting a lot of lag in Fortnite and it's making the game unplayable then you can try doing a few things like making sure no programs in the background are downloading or uploading anything.

Another thing you can try is closing your web browser to make sure it's not downloading or uploading or playing a video or playing a livestream or accessing the internet for anything.

You can also try using Razer Cortex Game Booster to close unnecessary programs when playing and free up unused RAM to give you more RAM for your games.

Now, if your lag is caused by your Internet Provider's bad network then try using WTFast. Instead of your bad network, your game's connection will go through a Private Network optimized for gaming provided by WTFast.

You can download WTFast for FREE and you can activate the Free Trial without creating an account. Just download, install and run your game through WTFast.

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So guys, are any of you having lag problems in Fortnite? If you are then did it stop you from playing the game? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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