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Afraid of SNAKE! Bought Chainmail! No ROBES! Legends of Ultima (Legends or Aria) Gameplay!

Afraid of SNAKE! Bought Chainmail! No ROBES! Legends of Ultima (Legends or Aria) Gameplay!
Afraid of SNAKE! Bought Chainmail! No ROBES! Legends of Ultima (Legends or Aria) Gameplay!

In this Legends of Ultima (Legends of Aria) gameplay, I started by picking up my horses from the stable. I paid 210 gp for each of them for a title of 420 gp. I thought that was too much expense for a pet specially since I don't play everyday. So, I released one of my horses and kept only the pack horse.

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From the stables, I immediately went back to chopping down trees. As a lumberjack, I spend much of my time in Legends of Ultima chopping down trees. Before, I spent my time fishing because I was a fisherman but, now, I'm a lumberjack so you'll see me chopping down trees a lot.

In the early part of my gameplay, I encountered a snake and ran away from it. I was afraid of getting bitten and poisoned by venom. LOL! I ran back inside the city and the snake stayed outside because wild creatures were not allowed to enter. I avoided the snake and continued with my tree chopping activity.

Because I was chopping down trees like a madman, my lumberjack skills reached 70 skill points and it unlocked a new title, expert lumberjack. I still don't know what significance or importance titles have in the world of Legends of Ultima but I'm happy to earn the new title.

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My first trip back to the city, I sold all the wooden logs I gathered and made 1,380 gp for the first batch and 1,220 gp for the second batch of wooden logs.

With a little bit of money in-hand, I went to the blacksmith to buy some armor. I bought 1 chainmail coif for 170 gp, 1 chainmail leggings for 220 gp and 1 chainmail tunic for 320 gp for a total of 710 gp.

I wore my newly purchased chainmail and went to search for a cloak to buy. I visited the tailor but I did not find any cloaks for sale. I did buy a hooded robe thinking it worked like robes in Ultima Online but I was wrong. LOL!

I also bought 4 tiny bags to store things in. I went to the bank, placed the tiny bags in the bank and stored my items in different tiny bags. There was a tiny bag for outfits, a tiny bag for consumables and a tiny bag for weapons and tools.

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Wearing my newly purchased chainmail, I went back to chopping down trees but also fought a few creatures in the process like a rat, young harpies and bogglings.

At the end of my gameplay, my lumberjack skill was at 73, my dexterity was at 90, my tactics at 35, my swordsmanship at 35, my healing at 30, my anatomy at 22 and my begging skill at 10.

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