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THE CYCLE Gameplay! Ranked Squad Match! Lightning Strikes!

THE CYCLE Gameplay! Tanked Squad Match! Lightning Strikes!
THE CYCLE Gameplay! Tanked Squad Match! Lightning Strikes!

The Cycle, played a Ranked Squad Match in the New Season. Also, Squad Matches are Ranked Matches. There are no un-ranked Squad Matches.

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The match took a few minutes to start and, that means, not a lot of players are queuing for Squad Matches or there not a lot of players playing the game.

It was a very long wait but the match eventually started. The game also has a new lobby where all players in a match were gathered together. It was like a transport ship, transporting all prospectors to the planet or something like that.

On the planet, I just followed my Teammates around and help kill or clear any areas with monsters. Also, the planet now has droids or robots protecting capture areas on the planet and not just monsters.

In one capture point, we encountered another team and had a fierce battle with them. In another encounter with another team, I took too much damage and had to emergency transfer back to my landing pod.

My teammates continued completing contracts and we ended the match in Second Place. We also lost one teammate during the encounters. Overall, it was a fun Squad Match.

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