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Darkfall: Rise of Agon! Tutorial, Goblins and Gathering!

Darkfall: Rise of Agon! Tutorial, Goblins and Gathering!
Darkfall: Rise of Agon! Tutorial, Goblins and Gathering!

Darkfall: Rise of Agon, got a chance to play the game for the first time and, just like many MMORPGs or even just ordinary games, the game started with a Tutorial.

The Simulation Hypothesis - by  Rizwan Virk (Paperback)

The Tutorial started with Basic Movements like moving, sprinting, crouching, jumping and even resting. It was followed by going through the User Interface like the Paperdoll, Backpack, Equipping Items and Action Mode.

The Tutorial didn't forget going through Combat like sheathing and unsheathing weapons, attacking and parrying. It also went through the Hotbar items. Admittedly, I was confused on what to do during this part of the Tutorial but I eventually figured it out and moved on.

It seems that Rise of Agon has two combat modes, third person for melee combat and first person for range combat like archery and magic.

Next was Interaction followed by doing a Quest by interacting with an NPC. The Map was also discussed and that was where the Tutorial ended.

As for the Quest, the quest was to kill 10 goblins but I didn't see any markers or pointers pointing to where the goblins were located on the map. I eventually found where the goblins were by running all over the place.

Fighting goblins with a two-handed weapon!
Fighting goblins with a two-handed weapon!

I spent a good chunk of time fighting goblins and I continued to fight them even after getting the required number of goblin kills to complete the quest.

In fighting the goblins, I used a two-handed sword, a one-handed sword, a bow and arrow and even magic. It was a little bit annoying when the game keeps switching to first person whenever I press the Caps Lock key which was my push-to-talk key.

Also, whenever a goblin was killed, something appeared where it died. I thought it was an item drop and spent a few minutes trying to figure out how to loot it but it was only tombstone like death marker.

Mining rocks or stones with a large pickaxe!
Mining rocks or stones with a large pickaxe!

I must say, fighting those goblins where a lot of fun. The animation wasn't great but I honestly enjoyed the experience even though I was still somewhat confused with how combat works in the game.

Afterwards, I spent the last 25 minutes gathering all kinds of herbs because there was a quest related to gathering herbs. Gathering was very simple, I just walked up to a bush or plant and clicked on it.

I also gathered stones and I believed ended the hour long gameplay looking for iron ores to gather or mine. Unfortunately, I did not find any iron ores. Maybe, next time I will.

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