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Shroud of the Avatar made BANK in Episode 2 Town Deposits and Reservations! WOW!

Shroud of the Avatar made BANK in Episode 2 Town Deposits and Reservations! WOW!
Shroud of the Avatar made BANK in Episode 2 Town Deposits and Reservations! WOW!

Shroud of the Avatar is a game of spending money. You can play the game without spending anything because it's free to play but if you want the full experience like owning towns and living in golden castles in the lands of virtues then you'll have to open up your wallet and give Catnip Games LLC that important green bucks.

Recently, there was a very long post in the Shroud of the Avatar forum and it had pictures of the lands in Episode 2. One of the pictures showed the three islands and it was covered with numbers from 1 to 153.

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If my guess is correct, those numbers represents Player Owned Towns or POTs. If I'm wrong then I have no idea what those numbers are but, for now, I'm going to assume they are POTs.

From those 153 POTs, some of them are new POTs and they paid a deposit of $500 US dollars. Let's say there are 50 new POTs in the new lands, multiplying that with 500 will have a result of $25,000 US Dollars.

There is also the reservation of $100 US Dollars for POTs and this is for the Episode 2 POT Overland Upgrade. If 100 POTs paid $100 US Dollars for the reservation then that is a value of $10,000 US Dollars.

I'm just assuming my numbers here but one thing is true, Shroud of the Avatar and Catnip Games LLC made bank with POTs in Episode 2 just like they made bank with POTs in Episode 1.

You might hate Shroud of the Avatar or you might love Shroud of the Avatar but no one can deny the fact that they're good at making bank. I wish I was good at making bank but sadly I'm not and that is why I'm broke.

With Shroud of the Avatar's uncanny ability to make bank, expect to enjoy the game for a very, very, very long time. It will eclipse World of Warcraft in longevity and ultimately become the king of MMORPGs.

So guys, do you have a POT you don't use in Shroud of the Avatar? If you do then why are you not using it? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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