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An hour of mining in UO Outlands. Also, Dr. Doom gave me 5,000 gold pieces. Thank you Dr. Doom. I was right, you are not a villain like how Marvel portrays you in their universe.

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The gold pieces from Dr. Doom, allowed me to claim my horse from the stables because it cost 1,500 gold pieces to stable a horse for 1 year. Yes, my horse was in the stables for 1 year because that was when I last played UO Outlands. LOL!

Dead Body. Some kind of commotion happened in town and someone fell from their horse and died right next to my avatar. I have no idea how the player died though. I checked the dead body and it had some items. I didn't take anything in fear of getting killed.

Mining. As always, I did a lot of mining. In fact, that is the only thing I do in UO Outlands. I just mine whatever I can and I hope I can sell my ingots someday. Mining for the WIN.


UOOutlands is an Ultima Online shard which has a custom, hand crafted map and a combination of T2A and UOR mechanics, along with amazing monster encounters...

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