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BATTLE BREAKERS Gameplay! The Tutorial, Auto Battle and New HEROES!

BATTLE BREAKERS Gameplay! The Tutorial, Auto Battle and New HEROES!

In this 1-hour Battle Breakers gameplay, I went through the tutorial to learn how to play the game, learned how to watch the game play itself with auto-battle and learned how to acquire new heroes for free. (Mobile Gaming - Tips, Tricks, and Strategies →

The Tutorial. Just like most mobile games, Battle Breakers had me go through the tutorial of the game where I learned, I think, how to play Battle Breakers. For some reason, I still feel I haven't really learned everything after going through the entire tutorial. LOL.

Auto Battle. Just like most mobile games specially action-oriented mobile games, Battle Breakers has an Auto Battle feature and it's a feature made for gamers who are too busy to do any gaming and would just like to watch what happens in the game.

New Heroes. Just like most mobile games, Battle Breakers had ways of giving players New Heroes for free like players rescuing heroes and players receiving new heroes as rewards from doing something excellent like leveling up. LOL!


Battle Breakers is a Hero Collector RPG by Fortnite Developer Epic. Battle Breakers is Epic's latest release. It's a pretty standard gacha RPG in which you collect hundreds of heroes, create a team out of them, and watch them battle automatically.

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