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NOVA DRIFT Gameplay! Asteroids, Colors & Bullet Hell!

NOVA DRIFT Gameplay! Asteroids, Colors & Bullet Hell!

NOVA DRIFT gameplay, an hour of playing NOVA DRIFT. It was my first time playing Nova Drift, a game I got for FREE, and I know nothing about it. I did learn how to play it because it was a very simple game.

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Nova Drift reminded me of an old classic space shooter named Asteroids. I remember playing Asteroids on an arcade table a very long time ago. Nova Drift had the same basic gameplay as Asteroids but with modern gaming elements like levels, waves, powerups, bosses and others.

Unlike the original classic space shooter, Asteroids, Nova Drift has a lot more colors, fancy lighting effects and big explosions.

Also, there are various types of enemies or alien ships in Nova Drift. From small annoying ones to large screen-size ones that shoot massive laser beams. The screen would sometimes be filled with various enemy weapon's fire.


Nova Drift distills the mechanical depth and strategy of an ARPG into classic arcade space combat. Control an endlessly evolving bio-mechanical ship, face legions of strange and deadly foes, and ride the wake of a dying star across the void.

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