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City of Heroes Homecoming Donations, $9000 US Dollars Collected in a Few Hours! • Gaming News

City of Heroes Homecoming Donations, $9000 US Dollars Collected in a Few Hours! • Gaming News

City of Heroes Homecoming is, as far as I know, the most populated City of Heroes private server with over 1000 players playing at one time every day.

As a City of Heroes Private Server, the people behind City of Heroes Homecoming are the one paying for cost of operating the Private Server and it costs a lot of money.

For the month of December 2019, they needed a total of over $9,000 US Dollars to pay for everything. From server hosting, lawyers and everything in between.

For a billionaire, $9,000 US Dollars is nothing. It's not even pocket change. It's like something they would accidentally drop when they're in a hurry getting on-board or off their Private Jets.

So, is $9,000 US Dollars a problem for City of Heroes Homecoming? Of course not because in a matter of just a few hours, City of Heroes Homecoming collected the entire amount via donations.

That is how much those playing in the City of Heroes Homecoming server love City of Heroes. They are more than willing and happy to foot the bill just to keep the game they love from shutting down.

Remember, these are all donations. Players are not forced to donate anything and it doesn't matter whether they are enjoying the server or not. Players are free to donate or not donate and still have fun playing.

Anyway, I'm just basically surprised at the sheer cost of running a City of Heroes Private Server. Obviously, without the support and love of the players, having a successful City of Heroes Private Server like City of Heroes Homecoming is impossible.

So guys, have you tried playing City of Heroes? Which City of Heroes Private Server are you playing in? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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