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TYPE ZERO, an Indie Strategy Adventure Game with Super Powered DICE!

TYPE ZERO, an Indie Strategy Adventure Game with Super Powered DICE!

Do you enjoy playing games where you control combat units and order them to either attack the enemies combat units or defend themselves and you in battle? If you are then check out Type Zero in Kickstarter.

According to Type Zero's Kickstarter page, "Type Zero is an indie strategy-adventure game where you go on campaigns with your army of dice or decide to make your own campaign. It will be available on Android, iOS, Mac, and PC".

So, in Type Zero, instead of commanding Monsters or Heroes with unique powers and abilitles in battle, you command an army of dice but your dice army is not made of ordinary dice. These are dice powered by Energy Cores and these Energy Cores have different abilities and these abilities depend on the type of Energy Core.

For example, a Bio Core deals Poison Damage while a Gaia Core increases Health and a Wind Core increases Mana. A Fire Core deals Fire Damage and a Nova Core buffs the Armor of friendly units and debuffs the Armor of enemy units.

Type Zero is also a campaign based game and you can play these campaigns with friends or you can play them by yourself. If you have a creative bone on you then you, as a player, can create your own campaigns for you and other players of Type Zero to play.

Unfortunately, I have not yet played the game and all the information I have of the game are based or from the game's Kickstarter page. I'm also not sure if there is already a working demo of the game but screenshots and animated gifs of the game are available and viewable in it's Kickstarter page.

Anyway guys, check out Type Zero in Kickstarter for more information about the game and also see if it's the kind of game worth supporting in Kickstarter.

So guys, have you checked out Type Zero's funding campaign in Kickstarter? Is Type Zero the kind of game you want to play? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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