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How to Gather Resources Faster in Citadel Forged with Fire!

When I first started playing Citadel Forged with Fire, I spent hours and hours clicking and striking resource nodes with my Stone Head Axe. It was a very, very inconvenient experience.

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I generally don't play games that have a lot of clicking because it's tiring, it's not fun and it could lead to soreness and pain. I don't like pain. In fact, I hate anything related to pain.

In Citadel Forged with Fire, I spent a lot of hours clicking until I learned not to click anymore and it happened while I was livestreaming the game.

An accidental viewer, appeared and posted a comment in chat about using a Spell called Extract to do the gathering or harvesting and, according to the viewer, it's twice as fast and doesn't involved a ton of clicking.

As a New Player of Citadel Forged with Fire, I didn't know anything about the Extract Spell. All I know was to bring my Stone Head Axe and spend hours striking or clicking on resource nodes.

Knowing something like the Extract Spell exists, made me more interested in playing the game and learning the Extract Spell saved my clicking finger from total annihilation.

The Extract Spell can be applied to any weapon and, to learn it, you'll need to use Nature's Essence on your equipped weapon. You'll have to choose Utility in the Magic School and choose either your Left or Right Mouse Button as your trigger. These are all done under your Spellbook.

To use the Extract Spell, just find and target a resource node, click and hold down your mouse trigger button and wait for the extraction to finish.

You can increase your rate of extraction by increasing your weapon's melee damage. You can do this by increasing your Damage Stats, craft better weapons and use the Bloodlust Spell.

With the Extract Spell, gathering or harvesting resources has become a little bit more convenient but it's still tiring and a pain to hold down a mouse button. Hopefully, the developers can implement something more convenient than holding down a button.

Anyway, that is how I learned to gather resources faster in Citadel Forged with Fire. It's also how I saved my clicking finger from total and absolute annihilation.

So guys, do you know of a more convenient and faster way of gathering resources in Citadel Forged with Fire? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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