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How NOT to SEND Someone a Message in a Virtual or Game World?

How NOT to SEND Someone a Message in a Virtual or Game World?

Good communication is KEY to everything. If you can not tell someone what you need to tell them in a simple and easily understandable manner then misunderstandings or miscommunication will happen specially in a game world where expression of intent is not as wide.
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For example, if you own a town in a virtual world or a game world and you're having a problem with one of your residents home then the best way to let him know about it is by simply telling him directly.

Maybe send him a instant message or  a whisper in-game letting him know about your problem with his home in your town. If your resident is offline and your game has an in-game mail system then how about writing and sending him an in-game mail.

What you don't do or must avoid doing is, blocking his home with big tall trees and walls because it's obviously not the best way of letting him know of your problem with his home in your town.
Blocking homes with Trees and Walls!

Blocking homes with Trees and Walls!

Unless, your name is Donald Trump, walling up someone's home even if it's in a game gives out the wrong impression because it will look like you want him out of your town and you don't want him back.

Of course, if that is the intent then letting him know directly is still the best way of doing it. It's simple and will not require the use of any trees or walls or anything.

Blocking homes with Trees and Walls!

By the way, I'm sure many will find blocking someone's home with trees and walls a lot of fun but that may not always be true for the owner of the home that is getting blocked.

So guys, does blocking someone's home the same as saying, "I have a problem with your house"? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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