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City of Heroes Homecoming Concurrent Player Numbers DOWN • City of Heroes News

City of Heroes Homecoming Concurrent Player Numbers DOWN • City of Heroes News

City of Heroes Homecoming is a City of Heroes Private Server where you can play City of Heroes for FREE. The last time I played and checked the number of people playing, City of Heroes Homecoming had around 8,000 people playing concurrently.

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I haven't played City of Heroes in any of the existing City of Heroes Private Servers since the start of June 2019, that is if my memory is correct.

I also have 14 hours of City of Heroes unpublished gameplay videos waiting for publishing in my Gameplay Channel but that is a topic for another video.

Just recently and out of curiosity, I went to the City of Heroes Homecoming website which is a Forum by default to check the number of people playing concurrently.

To my surprise, there were only 935 people playing in 6 game servers with one of the servers having only 9 players. My guess is, the server with only 9 players, is a test server of some kind.

So, what happened to all those players? From around 8,000 down to less than 1,000 in just four months? Did everyone went back to World of Warcraft to play Classic WOW?

Anyway, around 1,000 concurrent players is still a good number. In fact, it's even better than what Shroud of the Avatar is getting with less than 100 concurrent players according to STEAM.

So guys, do you think City of Heroes Homecoming's concurrent player number can sustain the existence of the server for a long time? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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