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CITADEL: FORGED WITH FIRE Gameplay (Low Spec PC) Building a Stone Castle!

I just spent 3 hours playing Citadel: Forged with Fire. In the first 2 minutes of the game, I fought a few wild animals and one of them, a bear, chased me back to my home which was a few stories tall.

The bear was smart, it was able to climb the very high and zigzagging stairs. It stayed there until I killed it. I had to run away from it because my health was already low from fighting boars.

At level 20, I started building a very long wall next to my wooden house and it required a lot of stones which means a lot of clicking with my Stone Head Axe. It was a very inconvenient experience.

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After putting up a decent amount of walls, I started laying down stone floors on the area where I was building my Stone Castle in the Sky. Well, it's not in the sky but on the ground but I like the sound of Stone Castle in the Sky.

From stone floors, next was stone walls and, again, it required more stones. To keep up with my stone gathering or harvesting, I had to craft multiple Stone Head Axes because I was using them up like tissue paper.

At the end of 3 hours, I made significant progress with my stone castle and leveled up to level 26 but there are still more work to be done. My Stone Castle in the Sky will soon rise from the ground, I just don't know when. LOL!

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