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15 Beetle Carapaces in 1 Hour! • Shroud of the Avatar Gameplay

15 Beetle Carapaces in 1 Hour! • Shroud of the Avatar Gameplay

Getting 15 Beetle Carapaces in 1 hour is a very good result when you're gathering or harvesting Beetle Carapaces in the wild. Most of the time, I would only get around 8 to 10 Beetle Carapaces in 1 hour but it's always a Dice Roll. Everything in this game is randomized.

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In my 1 hour Shroud of the Avatar gameplay, I did not just gather Beetle Carapaces, I also chopped down trees for wood. There are 2 kinds of trees ready for harvesting, Maple Tree and Pine Tree, but, in the area where I was, there were more Maple Trees than Pine Trees.

Unlike Beetle Carapaces, getting at least 1 Wood from Trees is guaranteed but there are other items that comes from Trees like Borers and  Barks. These items are uncommon to rare because getting any of them is not guaranteed.

1 hour in the woods, gathering Beetles and Wood will not result to a lot of outcome. You must spend hours and hours and hours everyday and repeating everything over and over to achieve good results.

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