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Small Tiger Shark exchanged for 1000 COTOs • Shroud of the Avatar News

Small Tiger Shark exchanged for 1000 COTOs • Shroud of the Avatar News

Sharks are really hard to catch and Fiero Steele is still paying for Sharks caught in Elad's Lighthouse. I finally decided to give it a shot and so I went to Elad's Lighthouse to try my LUCK.

Equipped with a Fishing Rod and Bait, I spent 2 hours fishing in Elad's Lighthouse. I caught a few Amberjack Mackerels and a bunch of other non-trophy fishes.

Catching a Shark is very hard but, after fishing for 1 hour and 25 minutes, the RNG God smiled from his heavenly domain and, in that moment, I caught a Small Tiger Shark worth 1,000 COTOs.

I immediately informed Fiero Steele about the Small Tiger Shark that I just caught and decided to exchange it for 1000 COTOs. After that, I continued fishing for another 35 minutes and took a break from fishing.

So guys, have any of you tried fishing for a shark in Elad's Lighthouse? How long did it take you to catch one? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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