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Number of Monthly Active Users Revealed | Shroud of the Avatar News

Number of Monthly Active Users Revealed | Shroud of the Avatar News

Shroud of the Avatar finally revealed the game's number of Monthly Active Users and it's not in the hundreds but it's in the thousands.

According to a Shroud of the Avatar developer, the game, Shroud of the Avatar Forsaken Virtues, has 10,000 Monthly Active Users or Players.

Obviously, that is not a lot of users or players for a free-to-play MMO. Even with the declining number of users, Second Life is still able to get a daily concurrency of over 20,000 users.

Okay so, Second Life and Shroud of the Avatar are two different types of Online Worlds. One is a medieval / fantasy themed sandbox MMO and the other one is basically a platform for all kinds of things but I digress.

Also, the Shroud of the Avatar developer mentioned something about big announcements and stuff that are coming soon that will help improve the population situation.

So guys, what do you think those big announcements are? Are they going to announce something big like wiping the entire server? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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