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SKILLS or Special Force 2 Closing by GameForge

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SKILLS or Special Force 2 Closing by GameForge

I never played the GameForge published Special Force 2 but I played it a lot when it was still published by Aeria Games and, back then, it was called Soldier Front 2. I still play Special Force 2 from time to time but this time I play in the PlayPark servers.

Just recently, I got an e-mail notification from GameForge about SKILLS or Special Force 2 shutting down. According to the notification, the reason for the shutdown is, "the contract between developers Dragonfly and us, publisher Gameforge, will not be renewed."

So, why are they not renewing their contract with each other? Unfortunately, I have no idea but, one thing I know is this, the SKILL will no longer exist in GameForge on August 20, 2019.

Payments are going to be deactivated and purchase of premium currency will no longer be available but if you are playing this game then you'll still be able to continue spending your remaining currency on the store until the game shuts down.

If you are still interested in continuing to play SKILL or Special Force 2 then try playing in PlayPark's Special Force 2 servers. I'm not sure if it's region locked or not but still give it a try and who know you might be able to create an account and play.

Anyway, I hope those who will get displaced because of the closure of the game can find new games to play like maybe The Cycle. It's like Monster Hunter and Battle Royale rolled into one.

So guys, are any of you playing in the GameForge servers of SKILL or Special Force 2? If you are then what are your thoughts about this upcoming closure of the game? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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