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World of Dragon Nest, Close Beta Test, Only For 30,000 Accounts

World of Dragon Nest, Close Beta Test, Only For 30,000 Accounts

I remember playing Dragon Nest a very long time ago. I'm not sure if I played it for a few hours or a few days but, what I'm sure of is this, I did not play it very long. Dragon Nest was not a bad game, I just didn't really get into it.

Today, I learned about a new Dragon Nest game called World of Dragon Nest and it's an Open World MMORPG. It's also having its Close Beta Test this week starting on August 1 and ending on August 7 of this year.

This Close Beta Test or CBT of World of Dragon Nest is open to players in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand. Also, registration is open only to the first 30,000 accounts.

Seriously, this CBT of World of Dragon Nest will only allow for the registration of 30,000 accounts and, that means, if you are looking to play in this World of Dragon Nest Close Beta Test then you'll need to stop playing Fortnite or PUBG and register ASAP.

Registration opened last July 24 and it will close on July 30 of this year.

Register for World of Dragon Nest CBT
Download World of Dragon Nest

Remember, this is just a Close Beta Test of World of Dragon Nest and, that means, everything gets wiped, reset or deleted when the Close Beta Test period ends.

Now, even though everything gets deleted, this Close Beta Test of World of Dragon Nest will give you a first hand look at the game and help the developer or publisher discover and squash a lot of bugs before the game goes into Open Beta.

So guys, are you excited to play in the Close Beta Test of World of Dragon Nest? Have any of you even played Dragon Nest before? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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