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DCWF No More! Goodbye DCWF! Thank You For The Fish! Second Life Wrestling

DCWF No More! Goodbye DCWF! Thank You For The Fish! Second Life Wrestling

Today, I got a message from a representative of DCWF and Kingdom of Wrestling in Second Life. The message basically said that I should stop covering by livestreaming their shows or else. Okay, it didn't say "or else" but it did say "we'll leave it at that".

So, DCWF is off my calendar or schedule of Second Life Wrestling shows to cover or livestream but VWE is back. I just got a message from VWE and it said that they're cool with me livestreaming their shows.

As of this moment, I have both Rogue Wrestling Alliance or RWA and Virtual Wrestling Entertainment or VWE shows in my Google Calendar.

Rogue Wrestling Alliance or RWA currently has one show and it happens every Satuday at 5 PM SLT in Second Life. Rogue Wrestling Alliance venue in Second Life:

Virtual Wrestling Entertainment or VWE currently has three shows and they are VWE Primetime, VWE Edge and VWE Pulse. Primetime happens every Monday at 5 PM SLT, Edge happens every Friday at 6 PM SLT and Pulse happens every Sunday at 2 PM SLT in Second Life. Virtual Wrestling Entertainment venue in Second Life:

Anyway, even though, I'm livestreaming these shows in my YouTube channel, I still strongly advice everyone to watch the shows LIVE in-world or in Second Life itself.

Why? Because if you have a better computer and better internet connection which I'm sure you do then you'll be able to enjoy the shows a hundred times better than watching my livestreams of the shows here in YouTube.

Also, you'll be able to listen to the commentators and the wrestler's promos clearly and you won't have to listen to me talking about random things which I'm planning on doing again.

So guys, do you enjoy watching Pro-Wrestling in Second Life? If you do then who is your favorite Second Life Wrestler? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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