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Fortnite Says 100 ms, WTFAST Says 25 ms! Which One Is The Correct Ping!

Fortnite Says 100 ms, WTFAST Says 25 ms! Which One Is The Correct Ping!

Yesterday, I played Fortnite Battle Royale for an hour and I started the game through WTFAST because I wanted to see if WTFAST can help me lower my ping.

Now, while I was playing, I noticed that my ping in Fortnite was jumping from less than 100 ms to over 100 ms but when I looked at WTFAST, it was showing that my ping was around 25 ms, more or less.

Fortnite was showing around 100 ms but WTFAST was showing a much lower ping of around 25 ms and this made me asked myself the question, which one was my actual ping in the game or which one was the correct ping?

Unfortunately, I couldn't answer this question myself since I'm not a Network Engineer and I'm also not working for WTFAST. So, I went and asked WTFAST Support. Moments later, I received a reply with an explanation on what was happening.

According to the reply from WTFAST, "Kindly note that while using wtfast the in-game ping data will not be accurate since it will show you the ping that you are getting through your internet and not through wtfast as the game will report ping to the IP that you used to log in. Since we do not hook the login process and you are logging in from your own IP the game servers will show ping directly to your IP, and not the ping through wtfast."

So, based on the reply, the ping shown by WTFAST, and not by Fortnite, is the more accurate one because the ping shown by Fortnite is from the IP used to login to the game while the ping shown by WTFAST is based on its connection to the game servers.

I guess it makes sense because I didn't really feel any kind of lag while playing Fornite Battle Royale with WTFAST and a ping of 100 ms is I guess enough to cause some kind of lag in the game but, unfortunately, even with WTFAST, I still didn't play Fortnite any better.

Anyway, I hope none of you are lagging badly in Fortnite because lagging sucks but if you are then try using WTFAST and see if it will help you with your lag or high ping in the game.

So guys, have you tried using WTFAST or any ping reducers with Fortnite? Did any of them worked? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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