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Deeds & Artifacts Fell Like Rain, Favorites Benefited! Shroud of the Avatar

Deeds & Artifacts Fell Like Rain, Favorites Benefited! Shroud of the Avatar

A work-in-progress dungeon called Tartarus was added to Shroud of the Avatar and, in this work-in-progress dungeon, deeds and artifacts fell like rain but only the favorites benefited from these unnatural phenomena.

Today, I had a chance to explore or look around the immediate area of a work-in-progress dungeon called Tartarus and I got there by teleporting to another player who was already in the dungeon.

I'm not sure when this work-in-progress dungeon called Tartarus was added in Shroud of the Avatar and I'm also not sure when it was made LIVE or made available to players to explore.

All I know is the fact that it's now in the game and according to a post in the official Shroud of the Avatar forum, "He allowed a few of his favorites to get a jump on the rest of the population and test it out."

Continuing from the same post in the forum, "There was a great week or so, when the chests were essentially orange bags. Deeds and artifacts fell like rain."

WOW! Deeds and artifacts were falling like rain in this work-in-progress dungeon called Tartarus and, based on the post in the forum, only those who are favorites of the developer got to benefit from all those falling Deeds and Artifacts.

Remember, Deeds have US Dollar values and Artifacts are rare items sold for a lot of game gold. So, better start working on becoming one of the developers' favorites if you want Deeds and Artifacts to rain down on you as well.

So, where you able to catch any of those falling Deeds and Artifacts when it rained in the work-in-progress dungeon called Tartarus? Why were they testing a work-in-progress dungeon in a LIVE server? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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