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Shroud of the Avatar! Login Or Lose Your Rewards! That Is The LAW!

Shroud of the Avatar! Login Or Lose Your Rewards! That Is The LAW!

I freaking love Shroud of the Avatar and I play it every freaking day! WHY? Because it's a lot of fun! Kinda! And the decisions the developers are making for the game are super incredible!

For example, according to one of the recent announcements posted in the forums, "The items previously known as stretch goal items are now exclusive only to the rewards program (versus also available through $5 purchase on the website)."

I guess that means, if we want to receive these so called stretch goal items then we'll have to subscribe to the rewards program and pay $9 USD monthly.

Also, according to the same post, "These items will now also be delivered immediately upon login during the release each month. Note that logging in during a given month is required in order to claim that month's login rewards."

From how I understand this particular statement, I could be wrong but I guess it means that if you don't login for that given month then you won't get your rewards anymore even if you login a few months later.

If that is the case, again I could be wrong, then it basically means that they will not give you your rewards if you don't login to your account during a given month but they will still gladly take your money which is like paying for something but not getting anything.

I don't know why they're doing this? It's not as if delivering the items or rewards is done manually because they already have a system that does this every freaking month and it looks like it's working very well.

Fortunately, this exciting news as they like to call it in the forums doesn't really affect me at all. If the developers want to shoot themselves in their foot then more power to them.

I'm sure those spending $9 USD every month on Shroud of the Avatar's Monthly Rewards Subscription are really excited about potentially not getting their rewards because they forgot to login to their account or accounts in a given month.

If my guess is correct then I'm sure $9 USD a month is nothing to them. It's like Pocket Change.

So guys, am I understanding this exciting news from Shroud of the Avatar correctly or am I totally wrong? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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