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How To Play In The City Of Heroes /COXG/ Server By 4Channers?

Besides the popular City of Heroes Homecoming server, there is another City of Heroes server and this one is operated and run by 4channers or members of the 4chan community.

So, why would you want to play in another City of Heroes server? For me, the answer is simple. Playing in another or having access to another City of Heroes server means you'll have options just in-case something bad happens like NCSoft taking action.

Also, if you don't like what they're doing in one City of Heroes server then you can always move and play on another City of Heroes server.

Anyway, to play in the City of Heroes /COXG/ server, the first thing you need to do is create a Free City of Heroes /COXG/ game account and you can do that at Just enter a Username and Password in the text fields and click the Create Your Account button.

Next, you'll need to download and install a program called CreamSoda at This program will act as a game launcher. After downloading and installing it, run it and it will download all the files to play City of Heroes.

After it's finished downloading all files needed to run City of Heroes, just click on the Play button to launch the game. In the login screen, login using the City of Heroes /COXG/ game account you created, enter the Unstoppable server, create a new character and have fun playing City of Heroes.

So guys, have you played City of Heroes again? If you are then are you playing in the Homecoming server or in the /COXG/ server? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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