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CITY OF HEROES Gameplay 2019! Rescuing Hostages!

CITY OF HEROES Gameplay 2019! Rescuing Hostages!

In City of Heroes 2019, I rescued hostages from the evil Vohziloks and Hellions.

The first mission was "Defeat all Vohzilok in sewer". There were zombies in the sewer and they had a few hostages. I died once and got sent to the hospital. Argh!

The second mission was "Read Atlas plaque". This was an extremely easy mission. All I had to do was read Atlas' plaque in Atlas Park. I didn't die doing this mission. LOL!

The third mission was "Rescue missing citizens". The Vohziloks were kidnapping people and I had to rescue them because I'm a Hero in City of Heroes. I died in this mission. T_T

The fourth mission was "Keep peace in Atlas Park" and to keep the peace I had to defeat at least 4 members of Hellions. They were bullying the public.

The fifth mission was "Fight off the Hellions in Prometheus Park". The Hellions are not only causing problems in Atlas Park, they were also causing problems in Prometheus Park.

The sixth mission was "Retrieve the stolen artifact in the caverns". This one was very easy. I went to cavern and found the artifact and that was it.

The seventh mission was "Find a Hellion Informant who has the plans". I found one and got the plans from him. It was another easy mission.

The eight mission was "Look for evidence about the Hellions next move". I went inside wearing a Hellion outfit, found the information and went out.

The ninth mission was "Stop the Ritual of Souls". I went in the Hellions base, rescued the Hostages, fought the Hellions, beat Cinderburn and found information about Mathew's wife.

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