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CITY OF HEROES REBIRTH (i24) by Ouroboros (5.19.2019) PEPSI MAN REBIRTH!

CITY OF HEROES REBIRTH (i24) by Ouroboros (5.19.2019) PEPSI MAN REBIRTH!

City of Heroes is a dead superhero mmorpg brought back by fans of the game in the form of community private servers and one of the newest City of Heroes private server is the City of Heroes Rebirth server, it's an Issue 24 server released by Ouroboros.

My first character in the City of Heroes Rebirth server by Ouroboros is called PEPSI MAN inspired and based on the actual PEPSIMAN superhero video game character by Pepsi.

I learned about PEPSIMAN from watching a YouTube video by the Angry Video Game Nerd. His latest AVGN video features PEPSIMAN and it was an amazing episode.

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