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Shroud of the Avatar Deco Contest! WIN YOUR OWN TOWN! $900 USD Value!

Shroud of the Avatar Deco Contest! WIN YOUR OWN TOWN! $900 USD Value!

Shroud of the Avatar is doing another Decoration Contest and winning this Decoration Contest will get you your very own TOWN worth $900 US Dollars in the game.

The contest is open to everyone who has a Shroud of the Avatar account and can pay the entry fee of 100,000 game gold or 1000 Crown of the Obsidians which is roughly around $10 US Dollars.

The deadline for entering the Decoration Contest is on April 27, 2019. To enter, you must pay the entry fee by sending the payment to one of the developers using the in-game mail system.

Entrants or participants will be given an empty Village Lot in the Developer Town of Mount Midir but they must supply or use their own Village Lot Deed. Lot Deeds are available for sale in-game from other players or from the in-game Crown Store.

The contest ends on May 4, 2019 and, on that date, the developers will do a Livestream in Twitch where they will inspect all the Decorated Village Lots and Homes entered in the contest.

The Top 10 Decorated Village Lots and Homes, as voted by those viewing the Livestream, will undergo another inspection and another round of voting to determine the Official Winners.

First Place will get their very own Player Owned Town on the Overworld Map and a Tax Free POT Town Lot Deed. Rewards for Second and Third Places as well as other Special Rewards will also be given.

For more information about this Decoration Contest in Shroud of the Avatar, check out the Official Announcement in the Official Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

By the way, if you happen to win the Decoration Contest but you're not interested in having your own TOWN in the game then you can always sell the Town to other players for Real Cash!

So guys, do you think this Decoration Contest will get more people to play Shroud of the Avatar? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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