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A NEW AVATAR In R64! Shroud Of The Avatar!

A NEW AVATAR In R64! Shroud Of The Avatar!

In Shroud of the Avatar's Release 64, I created a new account and a new avatar, went through the Isle of Storms, completed the Blood River Massacre, finished the Blood River Outskirts Quest and finished with a Taxed POT Row Lot Deed in 1 hour and 30 minutes.

As you can see, starting a new Avatar in Shroud of the Avatar is very easy and getting a Taxed POT Row Lot Deed only took an hour and 30 minutes.

Having a home in Shroud of the Avatar is now very easy. There is no need for new players to spend real money or grind for months to get their first home.

With the Free Taxed POT Row Lot Deed, new players can easily claim any available Row Lots in any Player Owned Town.

If you are a player in the Path of Truth then I suggest that you check out the town of Bladewyke. It's a player owned town right next to Etceter. It's also very close to Etceter Crag Mines for mining Gold Ores and Iron Ores.

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