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#NowPlaying CUISINE ROYALE Badly! All I Do Is DIE!

#NowPlaying CUISINE ROYALE Badly! All I Do Is DIE!

Cuisine Royale is a battle royale game and it's free in STEAM. Sadly, #CuisineRoyale is not a popular #battleroyale game but, even though it's not popular, I still gave it another try and played the game BADLY!

In my first Cuisine Royale match, I played in SOLO Mode, survived for 10 minutes and got #ZEROKILLS.

In my second match, I played in Squad Mode, survived for a few minutes and got zero kills again.

In my third match, I played in Squad Mode again, survived for 9 minutes and got NO KILLS.

In my last match, I played in another Squad Mode, survived for 17 minutes and had no kills.

I was so bad in Cuisine Royale, all I could was die but I had fun playing and I might just continue playing the game.

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