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Discovering Steam Games • Devil May Cry 5, Baba Is You, Outlaws Of The Old West & Dawn Of Man

Discovering Steam Games EP 5 • Devil May Cry 5, Baba Is You, Outlaws Of The Old West & Dawn Of Man

In this episode of Discovering Steam Games, I discovered 4 new games by going through my Steam's Discovering Queue.

The games I discovered were Devil May Cry 5, Baba Is You, Outlaws of the Old West and Dawn of Man.

#DevilMayCry5 is the latest addition to the very popular Devil May Cry series. Developed and published by Capcom, Devil May Cry is an action-packed hack-n-slash game.

Baba Is You is a puzzle game with pixel graphics and it has Overwhelmingly Positive reviews in STEAM. If you like puzzle games then you might like #BabaIsYou.

In Outlaws of the Old West, you'll get to play in a survival/MMO set in the Old West. Ride horses and shoot six shooters like a Cowboy in this MMORPG.

As for #DawnofMan, it's a survival / city building game set during man's earlier days. Start a settlement and watch it grow right before your eyes.

Those were the games I discovered by going through my Steam's Discovery Queue for this episode of Discovering #SteamGames.

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