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Star Trek Online 2019 • No Tier 6 Starship For Me

Star Trek Online 2019 • No Tier 6 Starship For Me

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#StarTrek Online is currently having a Duty Officer Pack promotion. Buying any Duty Officer Pack except for the Klingon Empire and Federation Duty Officer Packs will give players 10 Lobi or a rare chance to get Tier 6 starship.

Buying a Duty Officer Pack costs Zen and Zen is the currency used in the C-Store. I had 502 Zen in my #StarTrekOnline account and I got my Zen from exchanging Dilithium Ores to Zen in the Dilithium Exchange.

With 502 Zen, I was able to buy 2 Duty Officer Packs but, unfortunately, I was not lucky enough to get any Tier 6 #Starship. I did get a total of 20 Lobis, though.

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