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Save Apex Legends, Ban Pewdiepie (Gamers Start Petition)

Save Apex Legends, Ban Pewdiepie (Gamers Start Petition)

Well, it seems there players who are petitioning Apex Legends to ban Pewdiepie from the game because these players think Pewdiepie will kill the game. Why do they think that? Well, it allegedly happened to Fortnite.

A little disclaimer, I'm not a fan of Pewdiepie. I've seen a couple of his videos and immediately decided his videos are not for me but I do remember subscribing to his channel because of a giveaway. So, if you are a Pewdiepie fan then please don't get mad at me for not being a fan of his.

According to the story posted at and I quote, "In an attempt to remain the most-subscribed YouTube channel, PewDiePie gave in to his fans’ demands and played Fortnite on a live stream. Even though the stream amassed over 6.8 million views, and gained PewDiePie over 340,000 new subscribers, it was also around the same time that Fortnite players began to shift to Apex Legends."

I guess what this story is saying is, allegedly, Pewdiepie playing Fortnite was the reason why Fortnite players left and started playing Apex Legends which I think is all one big coincidence but, coincidence or not, someone still started a petition to ban Pewdiepie from Apex Legends.

According to the petition and I quote, "Pewdiedie has RUINED EVERYTHING HE TOUCHES! keep him away from a great game like Apex Legends! The game has so much more to give before it dies and with Fortnite coming back from the competition, pewdiepie playing the game would be a death sentence for such a promising game... SO PLEASE! help us keep the game alive and well with a signature and a share!"

So guys, do you think Pewdiepie playing Fortnite is the reason why Fortnite players left the game for Apex Legends? Have you signed the petition to keep Pewdiepie away from Apex Legends? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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