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Apex Legends Hitbox Problem, Wraith Small, Gibraltar Huge

Apex Legends Hitbox Problem, Wraith Small, Gibraltar Huge

In PUBG, the hitboxes for male and female characters are basically the same but, in a Hero based Battle Royale game like Apex Legends, the hitboxes are not the same for all characters or heroes or legends or whatever you want to call them.

These past few days, stories about Apex Legends players complaining about the hitboxes of the characters in the game were getting posted or published all over the interwebs.

It seems that in Apex Legends some characters have really small hitboxes making these characters harder to hit while other characters have really big hitboxes making them a lot easier to hit.

In a story posted by Forbes, using the character Wraith as the base, they posted a list showing the difference in hitbox sizes in percentage for each character and it looks like the biggest target is the character Gibraltar.

These differences in character hitbox sizes were also shown and even demonstrated in-game in a video by a Content Creator named SookieSpy. The link to the video is in the description below.

Even by simply just looking at the thumbnail of the video, you will see that the character Wraith has the smallest hitbox while the character Gibraltar has the biggest.

Based on this information, if I were playing Apex Legends, which I'm not because the game hates AMD Phenom users, then I will probably try and avoid using the three characters that have big hitboxes but, since Apex Legends is a hero based Battle Royale, the big characters do have their own advantages.

By the way, the developer of Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment, is already aware of the problem. According to a post in Engadget, "A Respawn community manager said the developer is aware of and "discussing" multiple complaints that the hitboxes (the invisible shapes that determine whether or not a hit counts) are inconsistent between characters and could give you an unfair advantage."

So guys, what do you think Respawn Entertainment will do or can do to address this particular problem? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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