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Apex Legends Pricing Backlash & 10,000 Apex Coins Giveaway

Dexerto is giving away 10,000 Apex Coins for Apex Legends!

I found out about this giveaway while reading an article about Apex Legends facing some kind of backlash for selling overpriced cosmetic items in the game's Item Shop in this website called Dexerto.

According to the article and I quote, "The backlash comes as the new Valentine’s Day cosmetics, which include the Epic skin 'Through the Heart' and Legendary banner 'Love of the Game,' entered the Shop on February 13. While the skins themselves cost the equivalent of $22 on their own, the stringent pricing models force players to spend around $30 to buy both skins outright."

Of course, the best way of saving money in any free-to-play online games is, not to spend money on anything at all. Just don't buy anything. Unless it's Pay-To-Win, the game will play the same regardless of how you look in the game.

So, while I was quickly reading through the article, I came upon an embedded Instagram post and it was about the 10,000 Apex Coins Giveaway.

The instructions to join the giveaway were very simple. All you have to do are the following:

1. Follow @Dexerto in Instagram
2. Turn on Post Notification
3. Tag 3 friends
4. Comment “DONE” letter by letter

A winner will be announced in February 17, 2019.

Now, here's the thing, even though I can't play Apex Legends because the developers hate Phenom users, I still joined the giveaway which means I followed @Dexerto in Instagram and did everything they wanted me to do.

So guys, if you are playing Apex Legends and you're interested in winning some Apex Coins then why not join this giveaway by Dexerto. The link to the article and the giveaway is in the description of this video.

Join the 10k Apex Coins Giveaway here → (!

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